A Day in the Life of Cupcake and Bacon

Good Morning! Today, I am inviting you to take a step into my life. I teamed up with a ton of other amazing bloggers to show you what goes into blogging.

5:00 am. Wake up. {This might seem a little melodramatic, but I swear this is what I see when I wake up.}


5:30 am. Get out of bed.

6:00 am. Make lunch. Drink coffee.

6:30 am. Leave for school.

6:50 am. Time for school!

10:45 am. Lunch {Crazy, right?}

1:38 pm. Students leave school.

2:08 pm. I leave school.

2:15 pm. Take a quick trip to ShopRite on the way home.

3:00 pm. Arrive home. Groceries in tow.

Would you believe that all that food is only for me?

Would you believe that all that food is only for me?

3:05 pm. Realize that I am starving because I ate lunch at breakfast.

3:06 pm. Make my go-to quick meal. Whole wheat cheese quesadilla with guacamole and salsa.

3:07 pm. Write down all the things I forgot at ShopRite on the ShopRite list.

3:08 pm. Woohoo! Quesadilla is done, and I get to eat!

3:10 pm. Sit down to write blog post.

3:11 pm. Turn on Big Bang Theory while working.

3:12 pm. Remember that I am supposed to be writing. Even if Sheldon is wearing pants.


3:15 pm. Sit down to write blog post. Forget everything I wanted to write in said blog post.

4:00 pm. Finish writing blog post. Schedule post.

4:01 pm. Check Facebook.

5:00 pm. Tear myself away from Facebook. Check blog email. Respond to comments.

5:02 pm. Be eternally grateful that dinner is already in the Crock Pot.

5:03 pm. Wait impatiently for dinner.

5:04 pm. Coffee.

5:15 pm. Work on new blog design.

5:30 pm. Family gets home from work.

6:00 pm. Time for dinner!

6:30 pm. Dishes =(

7:00 pm. Collapse in front of the TV with a cup of tea.

7:05 pm. Remember that I wanted pumpkin cake.

7:06 pm. Decide I am too tired to bake. Put it off for tomorrow.

7:07 pm. Check Facebook again.

8:00 pm. Work on blog design.

10:00 pm. Bed time!

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